Course Requirements for Neuroscience Majors seeking a Co-Major in MCDB

Doctoral Neuroscience students who wish to add a co-major in MCDB should discuss their interests with their major professor followed by communication with the Neuroscience program office to coordinate the Graduate College paperwork.  All requests to co-major are reviewed by the proposed graduate major and require approval.  Please email the Neuroscience Graduate Program at

A student co-majoring in Neuroscience and MCDB must have a different major professor from each program and they must be so designated on the Program of Study Committee.  In addition to the below curriculum changes for Neuroscienc/MCDB co-majors, it is important for students to understand the research and thesis expectations as a co-major.

Curriculum changes for students who wish to co-major in Neuroscience and MCDB:

  1. Alternate between NEURO 690, Journal Club in Neuroscience, and MCDB 698, MCDB Seminar.  Each must be taken once per academic year (one in the fall, one in the spring).
  2. NEURO 556 is acceptable to fulfill one course in one of the following areas: A) Cellular Biology, B) Developmental Biology, or C) Molecular Biology.  Please refer to MCDB PhD curriculum requirements for more information on these course options. 
  3. GDCB 528, Advances in Molecular Cell Biology, may be taken as a Neuroscience elective course.
  4. Three credits of Neuroscience electives will be waived to fulfill the MCDB requirements.  A Neuroscience student co-majoring in MCDB must take an additional semester of Biochemistry (BBMB 405) and one additional core MCDB course.